Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My dear sweet Mother

Two years ago today my momma passed away. 

My Mom was born and raised in Millwood, GA.  She was the baby of 14 children.  Her father was what my mother called a “faith healer” some others called him a “witch doctor” and her mother was of course busy taking care of her children and home.

My mother was always a God fearing woman that was raised in a Pentecostal church. When she was in elementary school she would stand on the step of the school and preach to all the other children during recess.    She was a good daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, wife, mother and grandmother. 

I spoke to momma at least once a day all of my life.  On Thursday, October 21 we talked on the phone for about an hour.  My brother called an hour and a half later to tell me that an ambulance had been called to momma and it was bad, it was bad.  My momma’s heart had stopped.  It just stopped.  She was on life support from the moment she arrived at the hospital until Saturday, October 23 when her children decided it was enough.  I miss my momma.

I am sitting here trying to think of the words to explain how much my momma means to me and no words come to mind. 

*Big Sigh*

Still to this day it is hard to believe she is gone forever.  When she left it shook my family to the core, we were all broken.  I think we are all coming back into our normal now but I still have days and sometimes weeks were I wonder constantly if we made the right decision.  Even though we were told that she had no brain activity and was having one seizure after another I think…what if. 

It’s a strange feeling when you realize you have NO parents.  As everyone says “Life goes on” and it does. 


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Anonymous said...

Char,I can relate!..I miss my mama,she passed on to Heaven Dec 1983 and Daddy June 2001.
I think of them everyday! When mama left out family seemed to drift away from each other,we were once so close,every Sunday we all gathered to eat at mama's...now we can bearly plan to get together once or twice a year..*sigh*.

Today will bring back lots of great memories for your family!
Just know that your sweet mama is in Heaven watching over you all!
Love you to the moon!

Anonymous said...

ps...could you maybe think about turning off word verification.
It takes this ole no-tech gurl forever to get your blog to except my comment,teehehehehe.

AKD said...

I love your heart and this post. Your Mama would be proud of you - was proud of you. IS proud of you - for after all, she is LIVING an eternal life now, free of pain, hurt, sorrow, and suffering. She knows already what you have to look forward to with God. She knows, firsthand. That is where we find our comfort. What do people do that don't have that? I don't know if I could bear it.

My Mom and I were talking a few weeks ago about her Mom, my Grandma. My Mama misses her so much and will always wish there were more time...one more call, one more conversation, one more hug. Every time I go to the mountains of Kentucky, I have a very sad place in my heart knowing that my Grandma won't be there, sitting on her couch, crocheting. She lived in my Great Grandma's house for years before she died. I always felt very special and very loved by both of them - even though my Great Grandma always wanted to put a bowl on my head and cut my stringy hair because I looked like a dad-blame hippie! LOL.

We honor these women by remembering them and the things they said and taught us. We honor them by passing on their love and words of wisdom to our own children. We honor them with our hearts and our tears. We will never be 'normal' again, but we adapt to life in a new way and find our joys for our young people.

I love you.

Bella Foxglove said...

I understand....

Your mama was the best.

Love you, and extra hugs and love to you today.

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