Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Coupon's and Ranting

Couponing…Is an awesome idea.  It has been around for as long as I can remember but has really turned into a craze over the past couple of years.  Here is my problem with it…I do not have the friggin time! 

My sister-in-laws practices extreme couponing.  She posts pictures of 8 bottles of shampoo, four boxes of cereal, seven packages of frozen vegetables, two disposable razors and comments; “I got all of this for $1.59.”  I would love to have all of that for less than two bucks however;  I am not going to get together with a bunch of women to clip coupons, carry around an envelope full of coupons that I may never use and go to four different stores.  And here is why; If I'm hanign with my girls, I want to drink wine, eat hummus with pita chips and gossip.  My purse is so jam packed with bills, meds, Nan's hair barretts, Bub's video games and most of the time my husbands wallet and/or sunglasss.  Instead of wasting the gas and time running around to all the stores, I could take a nap instead. 
I get it, it’s a money saving option but come on!! I also have a problem remembering the rules; “This place takes double coupons on Wednesday’s (what is a double coupon again) and then here you can use a manufactures coupon and an in-store coupon”.  All of that is too much for my brain to consume.
I recently read the slogan; “He works, I save.”  What about the families that have two working parents?  Who saves then?  Me?  Why?  Because I am a woman???  Oh don’t get me started on that. 

Ok, Ok, I see that I am almost spinning into an age-old rant so I will pull myself back together…

Oh yeah, couponing…I was talking about couponing.  So…If any of you have any tips on couponing the easy way, please let me know so that I can share that information with my husband for his next trip to the grocery store ;)




Bella Foxglove said...

Girl I am right there with you. I DO have "time" but I do not have the patience for all that! I can hardly get Jack to go to ONE store much less four LOL. Plus, MY problem is, we are broke folks, I do not buy brand name very often, unless I see a killer sale or buy one get one or most coupons are for stuff I can't afford to buy anyway, why would I spend more to buy it even if it is on sale? The only site or paper I check out is because they have generic type coupons, like 1.0 off cheese...any cheese, brand name does not matter. Stuff like that. Other than that, I do not even bother. Oh and that He Works I save site just annoys me to no end for so many reasons lol.

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